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Are you looking for the kitchen of your dreams?

At Koval Building Supply, we're here to help make your kitchen dreams come true, making sure you make confident decisions about your project.

+ FREE Kitchen Design

Get Your FREE Kitchen Design

Our kitchen experts at Koval Building Supply, are carefully trained and dedicated to creating the perfect kitchen design for you. Offering expert cabinet knowledge, our team works with you to make professional recommendations on everything from door style, material selection and finish treatment.  

Your FREE kitchen design from Koval Building Supply includes the following:

Expert Designs

The Options are Yours

Our kitchen experts at Koval Building Supply will guide you through the selection process as you navigate the wide selection of options available for Omega Kitchen Cabinets. The options are endless—there's something for everyone!

Be Inspired

Omega Kitchens offers a variety of details and options to suit any style from casual, to contemporary, to traditional—we've got it all!

kitchen island omega kitchens koval building supply
traditional omega kitchen koval building supply
white omega kitchen koval building supply
navy kitchen island omega kitchens koval building supply
rustic kitchen omega kitchens koval building supply
modern clean kitchen omega kitchens koval building supply
clean white kitchen with island koval building supply
kitchen without island omega kitchens koval building supply
white omega kitchen koval building supply

Our team of kitchen experts will guide you through the decision making process and design the perfect kitchen for you that you will love for years. 

At Koval Building Supply, we only use the highest quality products which is why we design with Omega Cabinets that use hand-selected woods, hand-applied techniques & top of the line hardware.

Quality Product

The focus of Omega Kitchens is in the details. As a result, our Koval Kitchen Experts consider every detail that will make your dream kitchen come alive that is beautiful & functional.

It's in the Details

Omega Cabinets offers the widest color palette that includes custom paint colors and stains that are carefully formulated for your very own kitchen.

The Perfect Color

koval kitchen design experts
color selection omega kitchens
high quality kitchens at koval building supply
expert kitchen designs koval building supply

Get Started with Your Kitchen Project Today!

At Koval Building Supply, we will help you get started with a FREE kitchen design and a 50% off coupon!


Save 50% on OMEGA Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinetry Construction

Koval Building Supply offers the best construction types of Omega Kitchens: Pinnacle & Dynasty cabinet construction methods.

kitchen cabinetry construction morgantown

With Omega Kitchens you can choose the material that you love. Everything from natural hardwoods, to different textures and colors.

Cabinet Materials

kitchen cabinet materials morgantown

Choose from a wide variety of finish options such as: cabinet paints, cabinet stains, cabinet glazes, and specialized finishing techniques.


kitchen cabinet finishes morgantown  koval building supply
kitchen accents morgantown

Accents & Embellishments

Koval will direct you to the right decorative accents you can personalize your kitchen: feet and legs, split turnings, valances, onlays, corbels, wood hoods, lighting and more!

Complete your kitchen design by selecting knobs or pulls to add the perfect accent. Our Koval Kitchen Experts will guide you in choosing the hardware finish that matches your home.


kitchen hardware morgantown  koval building supply
kitchen storage morgantown koval building supply


Organizing a new kitchen is the best part! Our team of kitchen pros will make it easy to maximize your cabinet storage. 

Meet With Our Experts

Meet with our team of kitchen design experts at Koval Building Supply to get started with your FREE kitchen design. PLUS, don't miss out on this limited time offer to save 50% on Omega kitchen cabinets.


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